Setting up a Barber Shop – How to set up a Barber Shop

How to set up a Barber Shop – A comprehensive 10 step guide on setting up a barber shop in the UK that can also be applied to other countries and to hair salons.

1. Business Plan
To set up and run  successful barber shop it is essential to prepare a solid business plan. Speak to your bank or look online for some of the many free resources offering help in writing a business plan.

2. Location

Finding a good location is crucial in establishing a successful hairdressing or barber salon. Take time to research locations carefully and take local advice about the all important footfall and client profile in your chosen area. Check local planning and make sure you have the necessary permission to open in that area and a written agreement with your landlord.

3. Buy an existing Barbershop or Starting New

There are several options to consider;

  • Setting up a barber shop from scratch – perhaps cheapest but lots of potential pitfalls
  • Buying an existing barber shop business – easy and more reliable but likely to be more expensive.
  • Buying a barber shop franchise  – many possible opportunities but a costly option. A good franchise can help with training and branding but will eat into profits.

4. Equipment & Furniture

Depending on your chosen entry route you’ll need to design your salon interior. You will have identified your basic equipment, furniture and budget in your business plan. You should also have identified your hair salon’s target clientèle so creating a suitable style will reflect the location and potential customer tastes. As with all aspects of setting up a hairdressing or barber salon you will need to do plenty of research, make comparisons and shop around.
Our experienced professionals will be happy to speak to you about setting up a Barber Shop, discuss options, answer questions and offer expert advice on all aspect such the right equipment, furniture and fittings for your salon. After all, we know the trade, – we’ve made the mistakes so you won’t have to!

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5. Insurance

You will need to consider insurance for yourself, your stock, your customers and your staff. When you work for yourself, time is money. There are a range of specialist insurance policies to choose from including treatment liability cover, business interruption and public and employers liability cover.

6. Staff

When it comes to creating a team for your business it’s difficult to overstate just how important it is to find the right people. A new business can succeed or fail the quality of its staff. It is generally acknowledged that people are the greatest asset in any successful organisation. Choose staff very carefully, taking time to check they have the skills they claim. Employ the best and look after them well. They will be the key to your success. Consider– part-time, full-time, freelance and temporary hairdressers can help provide a top class service.

7. Business Registration

Find yourself a recommended accountant and talk to them at length to understand how to go about setting up a Barber Shop legally and tax efficiently. A good accountant will save you a lots of headaches and probably will save you money in the long run.

8. Tax & VAT

It is very important that as a business that from the start you maintain accurate books and accounting records and be very clear on your Tax and VAT liabilities. HMRC has the right to enter your business, demand the production of documents or, in certain circumstances, to seize them.

9. Website

A good website, well designed with up to date information is an essential part of running a business. A web site is one of the most important investments you can make. A good looking website will encourage your clients and give them confidence that they are dealing with a professional who has regular satisfied clients and does things professionally. On the other hand a poor site will put customer off and send them elsewhere. Shop around for a good web designer, check their previous work and consider incorporating an online booking system.

10. Business Advice & Grants

Ask for help! Start up business frequently fail through ignorance. There is a wealth of information available – on-line, through government departments and from professionals. This advice is usually free or at least at the start up. Try these resources for additional information or specific resources:

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Setting up a Barber ShopTry these useful addresses for more information on setting up a Barber Shop

The National Hairdressers Federation

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